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Descent Artboard 1Tanner Morelock BIG BIG RED
Descent Artboard 1seth gouker small mini shape
Descent Artboard 1chief kief big
Descent Artboard 1seth gouker big shape

Cole Trotta in Colorado

All Custom Everything

Choose your concave and shape. Then throw a custom color on there too.

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We are all passionate about turning downhill skateboarding into the world-class sport it deserves to be by creating groundbreaking products, supporting the world’s best riders, and pushing for more safe places to legally get down.

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We know that it’s all about the journey. The product, community, and the culture speaks for itself. The rest? Well, you just have to drop in and feel the difference.

Purpose-built downhill skateboards.

Durability, and stiffness are crucial in a downhill skateboard. We aim to make the stiffest platforms on the market without sacrificing wheel clearance, or bogging your setup down with a heavy layup.

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