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LAF Technology VS Descent Longboards

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Does Your Longboard Company?

Lightest Longboards Descent Artboard 1Rocket longboards are heavy and
Light As F**k!
This is what rocket longboards claims when you shell out for the new premium layup they produce. They won’t even tell you what’s inside “A secret ultra-light wood core is sandwiched between carbon and glass fibers and clear 3D embossed ABS top sheets. The core is surrounded by an extremely impact resistant polyurethane edge.” or what kind of Urethane that they’re using.
Descent Artboard 1Rocket longboards pantheon longboards
The list of claims they make
-more than 30% lighter than a usual longboard
-almost indestructible rails
-absolutely immune to water or moisture
-vibration absorbent
-very scratch resistant surface

You can find the LAF technology in the Ian Freire Pro and the Exodus.

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