Meet a few of the people that help us make the best downhill skateboards out there.

Our involvement with the scene, and collaboration with the top riders around the world makes all the difference.
Kyle Connelly
Glad to have this dude on our side. Kyle Connelly is one of the main reason we were inspired to start Descent, and make it the way we have.Even if someone has talent they still have to work very hard if they want to be very good and famous at something.
James Bast
I’m stoked to be riding for Descent Longboards because I love the shapes and stiffness of the decks but mostly because I wanna REP FOR THE BOYZEven if someone has talent they still have to work very hard if they want to be very good and famous at something.
Daniel Minsky
Im stoked to ride with the bois, and rep gear that supports the community and is just sick as! 
Also love having so many options to choose from when it comes to any skateboard under my feet
Greg Paproski
The thought of riding a board built by one of the homies you’ve skated with for years really grasped my attention. With this comes a game-changing experience in not only what I ride but what the people ride. I’m really excited to be apart of a team that really does care about the community. Watching Tanner grow throughout the years, in not only skating but truly chasing after a dream, makes me know that his limits are endless and that Descent will soon be on podiums all around the world! Cheers, boys!! I’m hyped for what is next!
Blake Wilson
Wonk is the plug
Harper Knight
I’m excited to be involved with Descent because I see a fun opportunity to create some of the best skateboards around with some of my best friends.” Harper has recently decided to make the move, and is currently residing in Boulder Colorado helping us to cook up some new shit, and get out for more rips.
Josh Evans
Descent is pulling through and making the boards the world needs. Honoured to be working with boys who just want to see people stoked, and are creating the right product to do so. 
Their boards are incredibly strong, nimble, comfy as fuck and all hand made by some of the greatest humans in the game. Do your self a huge favour and get one, you can thank me later
Ive always been a supporter of Seth and Tanner’s vision for skateboarding so I’m super stoked on being welcomed to the crew. Its badass when a company can come down to a customer/rider level and reach out to ask what could be better or changed. Ever since the early days when Sanctum was around I always loved the media, board shapes/aesthetics, and brand image that our boys have provided which make Descent stand out from the rest
Max Heaton
It’s been a dream of mine for my whole skate life to have a hand in designing for/contributing to a start-up brand and last September I was graced with this opportunity by the god damn BOIZ at Descent. I’ve known Tanner and Sethy since 2016 and it is fair to say we’re all pretty good mates. 
2019 being my last year (most likely, convince me otherwise) of skateboard racing I really wanted to finally ride something that had manifested from my busy brain. Luckily, Tanner and Seth have gone out on their own and have extended the opportunity to allow me to do this. I CAN’T WAIT. The process has begun and now we just need to crank out my idea to form it into reality. 
I’m so incredibly hyped to be a part of this team, even at a quick glance you know we’re a bunch of animals both on and off the skateboard. On top of this, every single individual involved in this comprehensive team are best friends, which makes it all the more rewarding. Stay tuned, destruction of your local hill and races are imminent.
Tristan Degan
I’m so stoked to be involved in Descent! Being apart of the local scene The founders Seth and Tanner have been a huge influence on me and my skating since the beginning. I could not be happier representing a local friends craft. There is a ton of passion within this group of people! Always ready to see whats next with these guys!
Kevin Langi
Several of the bois on the Descent team have hugely influenced and helped me and my skating throughout the years, so it’s awesome seeing Seth and Tanner start an entire company. They are definitely dedicated to making the best boards around and helping progress the sport in general. I’m SO hyped to be representing and supporting the bois. They’re doing great things.
Edward Kiefer
I’ve been friends with the boys at descent for years, when they asked if I wanted to ride for the team it was a no brainer. Getting the opportunity to design a board and be on a team with the homies was just icing on the cake.
Daina Banks