downhill skateboards built to last

Ultra Construction

Powered by Venom HPF these are the most durable bumpers on the market. Perfected through rigorous prototyping out on the hills, and late nights at the lab. The Unibody Bumper will Protect your longboard for a lifetime, we guarantee it*
The best wheel clearance on the market, along with complete composite coverage. Th industry standard longboard either sacrifices wheel clearance for durability and stiffness, or cuts into the traditional layup causing warping and delimitation.
Our standard layup is powered by a QuadAxial Carbon Fiber.
This Provides Stiffness in all directions so you can steer more precisely. This also ensures your deck doesn’t twist or change shape throughout its life.
Our core is made from the perfect mix of wood species. Providing the stiffest, and lightest layup on the market. The mounting holes, and side rails are reinforced with a hardwood to prevent damage, and allow you to run countersunk hardware without the fear of pulling it through your deck.